Issues with Nokia modem.

Jan 11, 2019
Recently for no particular reason my internet cut out and after doing a network diagnostic from my router page it stated that it had no WAN connection to my modem. After checking the modem I noticed the LAN indicator was off even though the cable wasn’t loose at all. I rebooted my modem and my router. Nothing. I tried directly connecting my computer to my modem. Nothing. I tried changing the LAN cable. Nothing. I tried resetting the modem to factory settings. The LAN port still wouldn’t light up except for a brief period when it was starting up before turning off again. At this point I’m fairly certain I need a new modem, since I can’t even access it but can access the router just fine using the same cable, but I thought I’d come here first for any suggestions. I haven’t found any other threads with the same issue. Modem is a Nokia I-240G-D.

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