Question Issues with overclocking ram

Nov 18, 2020
Hey guys, i’ve been having a really annoying issue with my computer where no matter what I can not turn on XMP or overclock the ram, I am always getting blue screens right after the post screen. I can’t get passed this whats so ever. At first i thought it was hardware issues so i went through two motherboards, 2 rams and replaced my GPU. Whenever I run the ram timings at their advertised speeds and timings it will post but windows will blue screen as soon as it loads. I also know that the max ram speed intel supports for my cpu are 2666mhz but i’ve seen so many people OC their ram with the same CPU. My PC specs are as followed:
I5 9600k
MSI Z390 A-Pro
G. Skill TridentZ RGB 3200mhz (cl16)
RTX 3070
i’m kinda new to this pc stuff so if it’s something obvious i apologize


Is your ram installed into the right slots? For example A1 B1 A2 B2 You would want the sticks in B1 and B2, your manual might label it a bit different but its the same way on pretty much every modern board. The wrong slots can cause stability issues, bad overclocking if it does work.

If your ram is installed into the correct slots, and you enabled xmp, you may have to increase the ram voltage a tad, I wouldn't go above 1.4v on your ram for intel.