Question Issues with overlocking i9 10900kf

Sep 24, 2022
My Specs:
Asus z490-e Motherboard
i9 10900KF (The SP rating it shows in bios is 72)
32gb 3600mhz
Arctic Liquid Freezer 2 360mm
850 Watt Antec NeoEco 80+ Platinum
Rx 580 8gb (ill be upgrading to 3080 next month)

This is the first time I've ever tried overclocking and I'm trying to run it at 5ghz. From some youtube videos I've found people have been able to do 5.2ghz at 1.32-1.335v with temps between 60-70 degrees but I keep getting blue screen or crashes during cinebench if I do anything below 1.335v @5GHZ (I tried 1.330v but it crashed after around 12 cycles on cinebench). My temps are between 72-81 degrees at full load with those settings. I can't even run at 5.2ghz regardless of voltage.

These are the only bios settings I've changed under AI Tweaker section:

AI Overclock Tuner - XMP I
ASUS MultiCore Enhancement- Disabled
AVX Instruction Core Ratio Negaive Offset - 2
CPU Core ratio- Sync all cores and ratio limit 50
LLC - Level 4

The following I just put max:
CPU Core/Cache Current Limit Max. - 255.75
Long Duration Package Power Limit - 4095
Short Duration Package Power Limit - 4095

Ring Down Bin- Disabled
Min and Max CPU Cache Ratio- 46 (when I put 47 it crashes sometimes during Cinebench)
Core Voltage - Manual Mode 1.335

I found these settings from youtube videos using the same motherboard and cpu.
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I had a i5-3570k that was perfectly stable at 4.3GHz and 1.08v. Absolutely was not stable at 4.4GHz and upto 1.5v, no matter what else was changed. Most ppl could get 4.5-4.8GHz no problems.

Also had a i7-3770k that was perfectly stable at 5.0GHz and 1.42v. Same family cpu, same pc, only difference to the i5 being the Hyperthreading.

Silicon Lottery.. Most times you'll see Bronze or maybe Silver chips, seldom a Golden sample, but there's always the possibility you got a Lead cpu too.

Take YouTube vids with a grain of salt. Or three. They only show what's Possible, not what is Probable. OC is a gamble, the only Guarantee is that there are No guarantees.