Question Issues with pc booting


Jan 29, 2010
I'm having some issues trouble shooting a problem with my gaming pc, now granted is is fairly old but up til recently I had no issues out of it. Today i had to shut the power off at my house and me being the genius I am forgot to power down my pc first. When I tried to boot it back up it went through all the stages but when I should've seen a windows 7 screen it just said boot device not found please select or insert boot device and press any key to continue or reboot system. Now I figured maybe the boot order was messed up some how so I made sure of that and it was fine however my boot ssd wasn't listed however if I unplugged the other 3 storage drives I have in my build it sees it just fine and windows will start. After it starts I can plug those drives back in and it runs like usual however if it ever reboots again same issue. I was thinking maybe I need to replace my ssd but I'm not sure an I don't want to just throw money at the problem I really don't have to spend right now.

My build is a i7 930 on a Asus p7p55d-e pro board with 8 gigs of ram a crucial 120 Gb ssd and 3 1tb Western digital black drives with an msi r7950 graphics card. Any advice anyone has on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and if you need more info just ask me. Thanks again.


Wouldn't be the ssd. There is a chance there's something wrong with the sata controller on the motherboard.

Try two things.

First with all drives connected, load bios defaults and restart. Boot back into bios and check boot devices are in the correct order then restart again and try load Windows.

Second, with all drives connected, reset cmos by shorting cmos switch or remove the motherboard battery for a minute or so. Make sure the PC is turned off and mains disconnect and remaining power is discharged by holding the case power button for a good 30seconds before removing the battery.

Make sure to remember which side the battery sits. Hopefully system returns to normal. Check date and time is updated in Windows as this is usually reset as well and can cause Windows update problems.