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Question Issues with RTX 2080 Ti


Jun 23, 2014
So i just got my rtx 2080 ti. I set everything up, updated drivers and my pc booted but my gpu boot light was on. I have a asus x370 motherboard and I have a white light on indicationg an issue with the gpu. Since everything was running and started up, I decided to ignore the light. However, i started up battlefront and all of a sudden I have a buzzing noise coming out of the card. It seems to only be there during gameplay and goes away the second i close the game. Also, my performance wasnt great either. Id have intervals where my fps was well over 90 but than it would get choppy and fps would be around 30. I dont know if these issues are related, but it all seemed to have started when i upgraded the gpu. Maybe theres some settings I have to tweak?