Question Issues with Samsung UR550 monitor (determining if an issue is with the monitor or PC)

Dec 11, 2020
Hello everyone!, I bought a Samsung UR550 monitor about 12 days ago now, and I have been having some weird issues with this monitor and the thing I'm trying to generally figure out is, I cannot for the life of me figure out if the issues are stemming from the computer or the monitor.

The issue, is basically that, on my PC, the monitor tends to disconnect every so often and usually this varies quite a bit. Today it has only happened once, but yesterday it happened 3 times times. Alongside my PC I also have been using this monitor for gaming, so what I've been trying to do over the past week or so, is try and replicate it on my PS4, and that situation has been rough, because for me it has largely been a waiting game with this issue. So while it hasn't happened yet with my PS4 I'm not fully confident that it won't happen. I simply just do not spend nearly as much time on my PS4 as I do my PC to fully say "this definitely is not happening on my PS4." My gaming sessions have have been anywhere from 1-5 hours long and I recently played from midnight up until about 5 in the morning on this monitor on my PS4 and I could not replicate this issue.

Things I've tried to do, to fix this. Try out different HDMI ports, I've tried updating my GPU drivers (GT 730 and Intel UHD 530), I've tried different resolutions to see if that's perhaps the issue. For context on the resolution issues, while this is a 4K monitor, the HDMI port on my motherboard only supports HDMI 1.4 (this is another thing I was wondering could be the issue). As a result, I've opted to just deal with 1440p/60hz instead of 4K/30hz, but recently out of curiosity I have resorted to using 4K/30hz to see if perhaps the issue was me using a resolution below the native resolution of the monitor. I've also tried my other GPU (the GT 730) and have had the same issues.

When the monitor disconnects on my PC, it's not like the monitor is completely off. Usually it's a black screen with the monitor backlight on (idk if this makes sense), but basically it feels very much like my monitor is basically saying "I'm still on, but I don't have a signal to show you." Interestingly enough, it still happens in 4K, but usually the monitor turns off and within a second is back on (on 1440p/60hz I usually have to resort to unplugging and re-plugging the HDMI port). I'd also like to note that when the monitor is completely not detecting anything, it usually gives me a prompt telling me to check my connections and within a matter of seconds if it doesn't detect anything the monitor automatically turns off.

I still have about 18 days to return this monitor to Microcenter and I'm very strongly debating as to if I should return this monitor, and replace it with the same monitor and see if it keeps happening, just so I can have the peace and mind knowing that it's without a doubt my desktop and not my monitor.

Last thing I want to note, is that I've been recently looking through my settings and drivers and such, and one thing I've stumbled upon is when I do to devices on windows 10 and go to my monitor, and then go to "events" I see a "device not yet migrated" which makes me wonder if this could be the issue? If it is I honestly have no idea how to solve it, as I've been looking into it for a bit now and couldn't find it.

Another thing I've been wondering is if the disconnecting has to do with the HDCP handshake not happening very well (maybe because of HDMI 1.4) and if that's why the disconnects happen, and why the number of time it happens per day is varying a lot.

Anyway I'm not an expert so apologize if I've said anything that sounds wrong, or if any of my rationales and thought processes aren't accurate. Would just really appreciate any help in this matter.