Question Issues with seagate portable hdd

Apr 23, 2021
I have a 5 TB seagate external hard drive that was full of video files (primarily mp4 format).
When connected in windows the drive does not display and when I view it in disk management it shows as an unallocated drive .
I have tried several data recovery programs to retrieve the video files but none of them seem to detect anything.
EaseUS detected a whole bunch of mpeg files but none of them would play when recovered despite showing large file sizes.
MiniTool Power Data Recovery found a ton of swf files with sizes that matched my mp4 files (1-3 GB) but I couldn't get these to work.
I tried active partition recovery which didn't detect any problems but also didn't detect any video files at all.

Can anybody help me - are my video files all gone? Is there a way to check if they are still on the drive? Is there some way of recovering them?
Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.