Question Issues with STEAM, initial boot-up and shut down, task manager not responding, etc ?


Oct 22, 2016
Alright, so I have an abundance of issues I just recently started noticing. I'm trying to fix it at 3:00 AM but probably not the best idea. I'll just jot some issues and see if I can provide further detail tomorrow:

Earlier today, my computer had unreasonably slow boot up and shut down times, it scared me how slow it became at one point. Whenever it would boot up, task manager wouldnt open, and my start up programs would take forever to load, steam mainly being one of them.

In the series of frantic boots I had made in order to try and figure out what was up, on one of the boots it never read my hard drive, this is where the issues started.

After playing a bit trying to ignore it, after playing I do a reboot to see if it reads the hard drive, before I did that, I was trying to open steam and <Mod Edit>, which led me to find out that my hard drive wasnt detected at all.
The reboot fixed it, my hard drive was being read, but I still couldn't open up steam for some reason. Either got a windows issue saying that "my pc couldn't run it" or a "steamdll error" that wouldn't open it up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling steam, but whenever I download SteamSetup.exe it fails to save, if I rename it it works, but then I'll try and install it and I get the same error message as before "your pc can't run this program."

I don't know what to do, I feel like my hard drive is corrupted, far from saving, but if anyone has any ideas I could try, that'd be great. My main goal is just to be able to reinstall steam so I don't have to wipe my hard drive. Let me know if pictures, or extra info is needed, any help appreciated. Thanks.
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