Question Issues with the Killer Net WiFi Adapter of my MSI GS66 Stealth

Nov 25, 2020
Hi everyone,

Recently I purchased a MSI GS66 Stealth which comes with the Killer WiFi Network adapter.
Performance wise this laptop is a beast but I can't tell the same about the online experience since the network adapter this laptop has (killer wifi) is making the online experience a living hell. I normally have good internet, but due to this adapter I'm having very high ping when playing online.

I have 2 WiFi connections in my house, a normal one and a 5Ghz version. I always use the 5Ghz version since that one is the fastest. I never had issues with my internet but it seems this Killer Network adapter does not like my 5Ghz internet. Before this laptop I played online on my old one on the same network (5Ghz) and had no issues at all.
I can't play online on the normal wifi version either since this version is normally very slow for online gaming.

Things that I tried:
  • Installing the latest drivers
  • Reinstalling Killer Network Drivers
Has someone else experienced similar problems? If so, is there any way I can fix this problem? I really want to play online without lag on this beast of a laptop. Thank you for reading and any help is very much appreciated!
Killer stuff is known for very strange network errors.

I do not know if the wifi stuff is the same as their ethernet. The problem is with their so called "gamer" network stuff. They just can't seem to keep it stable, then again microsoft patches stuff and has broken their drivers a couple of times.

The solution tends to be to remove all the killer features. There is some application running but on ethernet you must also load drivers that do not have the killer features. Not sure on wifi if it is the same. If you have any of their network accelerators I would uninstall it. It can't actually do anything about network issue outside the pc and any problems inside the pc itself are really network issues.