It does not recognize my IP Post



Hey guys, I have a big problem: (
I set up a game server "Last Chaos"
I have my IP is
files on the server when set up with the IP 192./127. or even a network server hamachi 5.xx.xx.xx works perfectly but it is clear only to those within a Network
for entry from outside open the ports needed, but when people in the game logs of connection fails "to them" to deve Game 1 file server server internet IP requires that the client configuration is the IP
Game Server then having the IP with open port design is not our IP "" our ip is then gives the connection error.
most interesting is that I have tested the server files on the PC of a friend living in Chile and the ip 186.36.128.xx tine that is your Public IP and LAN ip not only has that. it works fine on the server and I log in from Spain without error,
Now comes a question that is not something to desirla me because I have little hope.

I may have my direct IP and the? I have a well LOCAL INTERNET
and thus has 186.36.128.xx INTERNET

thereby having the server recognizes the IP Internet is not my way or cojerla layers can be called,
scheduled according told me the problem is hardware environment, but call vodafone which is my internet provider and they offer no solution,
I'm really desperate. take months and months ise grab a publication much similar tube or rather exlentes good answers but of course if the Game Server Requires IP 77.xx I think that's difficult even to set the IP of 192. xx to 77.xx is not that hard can it be true.

Thanks for the reading and attention! Thank you very much expect a response ancioso hopefully be favorable position: (

My Skype is: maxig_asus

Thanks! =)