Item creation and adventuring

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May 19, 2002
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Werebat <> wrote in

> Richard Fielding wrote:
>> "Joseph" <> wrote in message
>> news:Xns968C236046ED1619void@
>>>Werebat <> wrote in
>>>>Isn't there some ring that removes the need for sleep, too? And
>>>>warforged never sleep...
>>>>That's two items per day, easy.
>>>>I wouldn't allow it, myself. You can't work more than 8 hours a day
>>>>on crafting magic items.
>>>You're absolutely right. The DMG states working more than eight hours
>>>a day
>>>on any item is useless. Try working on a second item on your
>>>off-hours, and
>>>even worse poof you waste all your experience points and unfinished
>>>materials. So never try that.
>> Nearly right, I think, and defiantly the intention, so I wouldn't
>> suggest (or allow) it in game.
>> <rules lawyer hat ON>
>> However, what it actually says is that you may not work on more than
>> one item at a time. So it might be possible to make two potions in
>> one day, or spend 16 hours working on scrolls that take 8 hours
>> (maybe less if house ruled) to scribe.
>> </hat>
> Well, my *house rule* (which is the best way of doing it) is that a
> character may spent no more than 8 hours a day working on magic items.
> So, he could crank out quite a few 1st level spell scrolls, for
> example.
> But only for 8 hours.
> - Ron ^*^

I don't think it would break game balance, but I'm out of habit of
playing so my rules sense is rusty.
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