Discussion It's now summer in the northern hemisphere - how's your overclock going?

This is just a reminder for those who love to live on the bleeding edge of stability for CPU/GPU OCs. Your ambient temperature DOES matter.
What was stable while you were in a cool 68F (20C) room, may now be unstable in a 77F (25C) room.

So, before you post something along the lines of, "...was perfectly stable 6 months ago. Now getting CTDs," try backing off the OC a bit to see if the issue goes away. ;)

As far as fixes go for this 'seasonal issue,' you could have both a summer and winter overclock. I know some people that do this and are happy with the results. I, myself, just have an overclock that is stable throughout the year, regardless of the standard ambient temperature fluctuations.


Hey alceryes,

Would agree, the change in summertime do affect PC temps in general. I live in a temperate climate (Ireland) where there's hardly any change in temps! Our nation were born to suffer rain during the summer :tearsofjoy:.

Typically our summer temps range between the high teens and low 20's (Current in Dublin is a toasty 15c!). So although an increase over Autumn/Winter temps, it doesn't really bump my pc temps more than 4-5c, as you highlighted. My system is already cool enough during Winter typically sitting at low 60's on both CPU/GPU during a gaming session. Now, in summer, it's in the higher 60's. Not really breaking a sweat much.
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It really delends on where each individual's overclock is at with regards to stability. Many, many here will be fine with slight temp increases. However, this is an enthusiast's forum. There are definitely some OCs that will live (and die) by a 3ºC ambient temp rise.
A few C temp rise doesn't necessarily translate to a few C temp rise in your CPU or GPU core. It very much depends on the thermal characsteristics of each cooling solution. It very well may be that a 3ºC ambient temp rise equals a 6ºC temp (or more) rise in your max hotspot temp due to heat saturation (or a half dozen other factors).

This post was mainly just to make people aware that it's getting hotter. Overclocks may need to be adjusted accordingly.


I ran into this very issue with an OC to a 2700X. There is ~ a 10*F difference in my office between winter and summer, and a little more when gaming or working with all the machines in the room. Works out rather nice in winter as we don't need an additional space heater....
Hi Guy's
I have Enjoyed the colder temps of winter in Denver, Co, in my 2bdrm Apt with my system. Now that summer is here, Clocks on my Undervolted 2080 ti has been lower during gaming 2055mhz-2070mhz with temps running 59-64c during gaming, But in the winter it was 2070-2100mhz with temps 47 -57c.
The 5900X is currently being cooled by a Corsair H150i EC 360mm with temps not going above 59c gaming and 74-76c on Cbr23.
My son will get my h150i when I install his 5600x for his Bday next month.

Next month I will begin my Custom Loop Adventure that was originally for the 2080-ti only but decided to include the cpu. I have all the parts and just waiting till I'm on VACTION YAA!!!.

This will be my 1st time tearing apart a Gpu so I don't want the feeling of being rushed or have it torn apart then have to leave it sitting for 5-6 day's before I can finish it.

So Thermal testing SUMMER OR WINTER------- HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not overclocked, but water cooled. Don't really notice fluctuations much though I'm sure a few boost bins on the GPU are gained in winter. Most of the games I play now are practically light duty for my setup.

Just cleaned my AC radiator. If you haven't done so in a while and you have access to it, take the hose and give it a good spraying from top to bottom. You get the dust, pollen, and general dirt build up off of them and they are a lot more efficient. In particular this season we had a lot of cottonwood seeds fly about (or some closely related plant that isn't dandelions) and mine was covered in them.
Ya in Denver this year there has been lots of white fluffies floating around.
In the 2 bedrms I have portable A/c units so their easy to keep clean and drained.
The main A/c is a different story. Heck it rarely condensates in the summer with the low humidity.
Looking at Federal Heights, Co / Northwest Denver it's 88f fells like 85 with 19% humidity unlike where I'm currently @ Prattville, Al that's @85f feels like 93f with 69% humidity.

There are soo many people that don't even think about their weather as a cause of why their system is running the way it is.