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May 26, 2019
I have tested a new uninstallation software called IoBit Uninstaller Pro. It is a program designed to not only uninstall an installed software (e.g. iTunes) but also all associated files with that software. Basically, as far as I understood in the descriptions and specifications, IoBit Uninstaller is supposed to remove all subprograms and files within and associated with the software to the point as if it never existed unlike Windows 10's uninstaller. I have used iTunes in the past before switching to Android. Back then, when I uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes, the customized software settings remained instead of returning to their defaults and I suspected that it was because that there were residual Apple files left over after iTunes was uninstalled. Back then, the only way I could get iTunes to revert to manufacturer default settings was reformatting my PC. Now, I am looking at the possibility of switching back to Apple in the near future. Before I purchase an iPhone and possibly an iPad, I intend to convert most of my music collection to both ALAC and M4A in addition to setting up a new Apple account. In short, my intention is to start fresh if I rejoin Apple. I created a temporary account with to experiment with and look at their iOS and iCloud features to aid in my decision making about switching back to Apple. I have since carried out an account closure procedure on Apple's website after completing my experimentation (still waiting for confirmation that my account has been closed and deleted). If I rejoin Apple, I will create a new account since my intention is to start fresh with Apple.

I did three tests with IoBit Uninstaller where I uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes (I have not purchased any iTunes music or transferred any music to the player yet in case you are asking). During the first re-installation (which required me to re-download iTunes from Apple's site beforehand due to Windows 10 removing the installation program from the downloads folder for some reason), after all the software files and functions were installed, iTunes said I needed to restart my computer for changes to take effect. I did the restart and then uninstalled iTunes with IoBit Uninstaller two more times to see if the same thing would happen again. It looked like the two following setup procedures were identical to the first setup, but iTunes did not require a restart. I want to start completely fresh with iTunes and Apple and have all software and settings on default settings. I have not signed into iTunes during any of the installation processes. My question is why did iTunes require a restart on the first installation process but not in the following two installation processes? Did the un-installtion and/or re-installation processes change any settings or configurations on iTunes even though I did not sign in or mess with any of the settings within iTunes?

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