Jul 16, 2021
Hi everyone! Not sure if this is the right subforum, still a newbie:D Also a newbie in the security business and I need some advice on IVA and VMS . I have been testing a few VMS software and some are pretty decent and some are just meh. For IVA, I personally like BriefCam since its search functions as a whole is quite impressive, but if I were to add additional functions, such as video analytics, to VMS, the total cost would double. For example, if I use Nx plus BriefCam, the cost of IVA is much higher than VMS, and most small business owners probably can't afford the total cost. I'm wondering if there is any way to reduce the cost of the IVA besides buying a lot of licenses at one time to get discounts. Or is there any replacement for BriefCam (similar functions are fine)? I just don't think that I'll be able to convince my client to spend $300 on a single camera just for analytics and personally I don't think it's worth it too.


Discuss in detail with your client.

What are the specific security requirements?

Cameras, computer(s), monitors, cables, alarms, monitoring services, recording video, storing video, backups.

List those requirements as specifically as possible and then, for each requirement, quantify what will determine if the requirement is met or not.

Consider: Environment? Priorities? Potential trade-offs?

Then research hardware/software/systems that meet those requirements within the measured/quantifiable parameters.

Then start working in overall budget allowances: initial purchases, installation/setup/configuration, maintenance/training, storage, etc.?

Both upfront costs and future costs.

You need a viable, meaningful cost baseline as starting point for determining potential cost reductions.
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Jun 29, 2021
Well if your asking for brands, I used to buy Briefcam and the function is nice but personally the price was too high for me. I switched to another vendor earlier this year which provides a combination of VMS and IVA. So far the functions are great and the price is more affordable. I'll drop the link so you can check and see if this might be what your client has in mind. But still I do agree that you should discuss the details with your client to understand their needs and be very specific with the requirements and details. This job requires you to be as meticulous as possible. Good luck :)