I've 6 years old PC with i3 3320, gigabyte h61m-s motherboard, 500gb hdd, 4gb ram, and garbage psu


Dec 11, 2017
I'm planning to upgrade to play high end games in medium to high settings with good fps and which graphics card is the best for it? Is there a need for ssd? Do I need to upgrade ram? And suggest me a good psu

The Paladin

First thing I would do is get an I7-3570 or a I7-3770 to get that 4core/8thread compared to your 2core/4 thread to handle all those games
secondly I would bump your ram to 2x8gb DDR-1600 for total 16gb
thirdly I would get an SSD to make your OS run better and faster
Lastly I would get either a 1060 6gb for 1080p or 1070ti for 4K gaming

Now all this will depend on the power supply you currently have, do you have make and model of your PSu ?



Dec 11, 2017
I7 3570 or 3770 is too costly here and can buy 2 i7 7700 processors for that money...I think the processor has got old and there is no stock of it ... Hence got costlier,... For this I would change my mother board. What do u say?


Dec 18, 2016
I assume you meant i3 3220.
If the old i5 3570 or i7 3770 are too expensive for you then you should just keep the i3 and get a better GPU
Yes, it will bottleneck in many modern AAA games but you will still see a noticeable improvement.
A gtx 1060 should be good enough
Where to start....

1. I think I would first start with the graphics card.
As a test, Run YOUR games, but lower your resolution and eye candy.
If your FPS increases, it indicates that your cpu is strong enough to drive a better graphics configuration.
If your FPS stays the same, you are likely more cpu limited.
If you are budgeting about $150 for a card, a GTX1050ti will run off of slot power and not need a psu replacement.
What is the make/model of your psu?

2. 4gb of ram is simply not enough.
8gb will be minimum.
If your current kit is 2 x 2gb, you will need to replace it with 2 x 4gb or a 2 x 8gb kit.
If you have a single 4gb stick, you could take a chance by adding a similar additional 4gb stick.
Such compatibility os not 100% guaranteed, more like 90%.

3. When it comes time to upgrade the processor, you have some choices.
Your I3-3320(you mean i3-3220) has 4 threads and a passmark rating of 4230 and a single thread rating of 1761.
It is the single thread rating that is most important for most games.
The i3-3220 is a surprisingly good gamer.

Here is a list of processors that your H61 motherboard can support.

The strongest will be a I7-7700K.
It is an 8 thread processor with a passmark rating of 12096 and a single thread rating of 2581.
You will probably need to pay $250 for a used one on ebay.

If you are inclined to upgrade to a more modern platform, then your options are ryzen or intel kaby or coffee lake.
Ryzen was popular because you got many threads for a decent price.
But, for gaming, 2-3 threads is sufficient for most games and the superior single thread performance of Intel is better for most games.
A $85 G4600 has a passmark rating of 5141 and a single thread rating of 2052.
$190 buys you a 4 thread i3-8350K with a rating of 9641/2408.
On the ryzen side,
$130 buys you a 4 thread 1300x with a rating of 7328/1860
$200 buys you a 12 thread ryzen 1600 with a rating of 12335 and a single thread rating of 1831.
In any of those cases, you will need a new motherboard in the $70-$150 range
and DDR4 ram at $75 for 8gb.

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