Question I've a question about placement of a liquid cooling radiator in the Apevia - X-HERMES

Mar 6, 2019
I've been wanting to know if you could mount a 240mm radiator with two 120mm fans into the roof of the Apevia - X-HERMES case. But the only way I've see water coolers shown any where is with the closed loop systems with a 120mm radiator stacked to the rear fan. What is like to do is make a custom cooling system for both the CUP and the graphics card. Any ideals?
If you use something like the Swiftec or Fractal design AIO's, those are adaptable to add other components as they use universal G¼ fittings. You'd just have to use a cooler that would be oversized for just a cpu or buy multiple kits. Otherwise you'd be better off with getting a EKWB custom kit that comes with everything and is expandable.

Your standard Corsair or ThermalTake AIO's are sealed units and not designed for user adaption.

Most ppl slap 120mm at rear exhaust because it's handy and is offset to clear the motherboard. But there's nothing saying you have to. Mine is roof mounted.



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