Question ive been having PC problems fps drops from 240 fps to 30 for like a quick second and it make my game unplayable gpu cpu problems?

Mar 11, 2021
i have good specs ssd 1tb samsung i7 8700k ze90 e mobo 1070 ti tridentz 3200 x2 8gb ram noctu cooling 850w gold evga ga and if i play games my fps drop consantly and when running msi afterburner seeing spikes go from straight line to very big spikes and game crashing i have no overclock at the moment when i play fort this is all that happens it is the game or is my pc just <Mod Edit> ive ran stress testing on my cpu and gpu and i never get crashes! my memory does run pretty high at like 20% when pc is idle and everything else is at 0% i just want a fix because even on a game like minecraft at 240fps my frames are horrid and i have bad screen tearing if i run 240fps exactly on my 240hz monitor! what should i do to figure out what wrong with my pc! i also would love to know why my fps is dropping from 240fps to 30fps to 60fps back to 240fps is it a cpu thing a gpu thing would love any feedback
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