Question I've been having stutter, but I think I'm getting close to the ultimate resolution...and I think it revolves around MOBO settings.

Apr 25, 2019
I will copy the text that I posted in a previous thread (to explain the issue) and then I'll update what I've done since then...
Allow me to begin with my PC specs.....

i7 6700k
GTX 1660 ti
MSI z170a m5
16 gb ddr4 Corsair
Seagate Barracuda 1tb HDD
Windows 10 64 bit

I have started to really get annoyed by this micro stutter problem within the last 2 weeks. I am probably noticing it more, because I just went from a gtx 970 to this gtx 1660 ti (gtx 970 died) and I was really excited about the performance upgrade. It is an annoying micro stutter in just about every game. Its really hard to put my finger on it because it doesn't seem like the issue is consistent. I can normally boot up a game and play fairly smooth for a bit, then the micro stuttering and fps drops can come after playing for some time. I am very sensitive to smooth game play, and I'm sure that there are some who wouldn't be affected, or notice, but especially in rocket league, having the smoothest possible game play is an absolute necessity. The other games I've noticed this on lately (since the new gpu ) are Apex, CS:GO, Rising storm 2 and Battlefield 4.

The other reason I'm creating this thread is because I feel like I've tried just about everything to try and fix this issue...

First, I historically set my games video settings to medium, because getting the best performance is the most important thing to me. In rocket league specifically, I turn just about everything to it's lowest setting (same set up that the pro's use), while keeping my fps capped at 150. The other thing I've noticed about this issue is that I can still experience the stutter while having good overall fps.

-monitoring temps--my temps have not been the cause of the issue, there has been no overheating.
-fresh install of Windows... several times!
-gpu drivers are up to date, along with several installs and an uninstall/reinstall using DDU
-overclocking cpu... I have since reverted since this didn't fix my issue.
-switching gpu and ram locations on the mobo.
-a wide variety of settings through Nvidia control panel to provide maximum performance, turning off vsync ect......
-turning off/disabling as many extra windows features as I can (ones that aren't essential to the OS of course)
-enabling xmp in bios.

I will also list some benchmark results below... on paper this pc looks good and performs well. In real life use, its less than ideal and I'm just not happy with it.

I'm going nuts trying to get this issue figured out... any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Since creating the thread posted above, I've learned about HPET. Last night, I disabld HPET in BIOS, REGEDIT, and also ensured it wasn't active in the command prompt. After doing this, it felt like there was an extra smoothness, or buttery feeling to many things, including mouse movement. In a way it did feel good, but was different. I know there are also other settings that people have tinkered with in BIOS, and I wanted to see if anyone her was fluent with first of all, my setup (or a setup similar) being a decent Intel CPU, paired with a more powerful Nvidia GPU, and how some other BIOS settings would generally interact with this hardware.
My main goal is to optimize my system. I want to have smooth gameplay, and ensure my settings are allowing me to have peak performance.

Thanks all for your help!
Apr 25, 2019
Also should probably point out, when I was clicking through my MOBO to just look at various settings options, I noticed it was enabled for the windows 7 install mode.

MOBO is probably one of my least knowledgable items regarding pcs, so anything you guys can think of please let me know. I'm really needing to work through the issues.

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