Question I've had this issue for months that when I'm playing a game I randomly disconnect for about 10-15s and then its fine again ?


Mar 26, 2019
I've had this issue for months that when im playing a game i randomly disconnect for about 10-15s and then its fine again. Sometimes it happens frequently and sometimes it doesnt happen but once and hour. I've had very few occasions were its never happened at least once in a day. My internet is fine other than those disconnects though. I never get ping spikes or lag issues at all unless its the disconnects. Sometimes it completely disconnects me from a game and other times everything freezes for 10-15s. Eventually the game catches back up and goes back to normal.

Its not the ethernet cable because I unplugged it and it happened on wireless too.
I had a guy from my ISP come out and he said there was nothing wrong with the router in the house and that its most likely not on their side.
Could it be my motherboard chipset that is causing it??


Motherboard - MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE
GPU - RTX 2080Ti
CPU - i9-9900K
PSU - ToughPower 1200W
RAM - 32GB Gskill TridentZ
Try going to network settings, click on your ethernet connection, go to properties, configure tab, link speed tab, check to see if it is set on auto negotiation, if it is set it to 1 Gbps setting. Also check the power management tab to make sure no power management boxes are checked. Last thing is to set your windows power setting to high performance if it isn't already. See if it helps.