Ivy Bridge CPUs will die after 2 years?


Feb 28, 2011
Intel should consider this, to force business to upgrade

Automakers do it
TV makers do it now
why not Intel

its horribly wrong, but it is capitalism at its finest, plus intel pretty much has a monopoly now
Well I did cane an E5300 at 4Ghz for over 18 mths and when I gave that mobo and cpu to a mate it was still going strong.

My Q6600 is still running at 3.2Ghz stock voltage and just flicked the FSB up after sticking better ram into it.

The Mayans predicted you would be president ...


Our 3800+ pc's in the shed are all overclocked and going after 4 years.

the X6 is still overclocked after 14 mths.

I only burned a few 2500+ bartons a few years ago ... and an XP1700 ... mind you I was a bit more agressive with the watercooling and such then.

The sandy bridge K are the best value.

the AMD X2's were poor overclockers by comparison in percentages compared to the core2 line.

FX's overclock well.

I probably shouldn't mention the Celery A300's ... or my 5X86160 !!!
heh heh heh ...
Really two years? Since we are even offering the Intel® Performance Tuning Plan that will replace an overclocked processor for up to 3 year I guess we better double or triple the number of these processors that we are planning to make.

Where do people come up with these ideas?


Although the IHS paste may not be as high-performance as some people might like, I doubt it is as 'cheap' as people say. Since it is non-serviceable (at least not without voiding the warranty), long-term chemical/mechanical stability would rank much higher than highest possible heat transfer.

Hi :)

We had a customer come in one of my shops for a new machine about a week ago...as her old one was too slow...and we built it for her...

We built it in 1998 and it was a PENTIUM ONE 75 cpu with 16 mb of ram....the cpu cement was still fine after 14 years though... :)

As a matter of interest , it cost her £1950 (custom built)

Her new machine cost her £699 (custom built)

All the best Brett :)


A P54C (Pentium 75 - 100) had lower power consumption (8 Watt TDP) compaired to current processors (Ivy Bridge 77 Watts TDP) and only needed passive cooling, which ment the cooling compounds lasted for alot longer, even the computers lasted alot longer from that era, I remember building a custom P166 with 16Mb of ram for around £650, £1950 sound alittle rich and over the top.


Well apart from the fact my shops ARE expensive to buy from... parts cost a LOT more then...take my word...and dont forget we are RETAIL...so we like to make a profit.....got to pay for my V8 Porsches petrol :)

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Unfortunately when I started posting here to help others, I thought it would be unethical to promote my computer businesses as my advice would then be biased or tainted..

So I cannot , or rather will not name my companies...

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I've been building and fixing computers (laptops/pcs/sun/mac/sgi/commodore/atari) since 1992 and those were more expensive times for tech, I was more of a freelancer and didn't have a retail store so no over heads as for transport West Midlands Travel Pass was sufficient (I think busses came with v6's), parts sourcing was done through computer fairs, xenex tech or micromart if really desperate, but yeah I can understand overheads pushed ratail prices up but thats around 3x as much from the same year, I worked at a computer shop around 2000 and I think the markup was around 35-50% depending on build complexity and requirement, then again the shop where I worked was right next to a University so we had tons of volume in sales/repairs and data recovery.
Hi :)

My shops ARE expensive...we are actually proud of that :)

On the other hand, we personally guarantee EVERYTHING we sell from them....we dont care about manufacturers guarantees,, WE guarantee the lot...

Every Custom machine we sell, we install for free (average install, including setting up networks, broadband, printers = 2 to 3 hours)

We also GIVE one years on site warranty on custom machines...NOT charge but give for free...

Now we must be doing something right as even my newest shop has been there for 15 years with no problems and several others near us keep going bust....

Although we are expensive, most of our customers come from personal recommendations...

All the best Brett :)


Well I don't work at the shop anymore but they offered pretty much what you offered like the home setups, 1 years onsite warrenty, internet connection setups (dial up at that time), free customer phone support (callback), and yes they had tons of customer recommendations (word of mouth is very powerful), we had pride in our workmanship and components used which translated to a very low failure rate and customer satisfaction.