IVY BRIDGE NOW or HASWELL (8 months later)


Jul 20, 2012
I am Trying to Build a new system and I have picked all of my parts. Yesterday I found out about Intel's new socket that comes out march/june 2013 and now I am wanting to wait for the new socket and not buy IVY Bridge. For the mean I am trying to build an AMD machine that will only cost 200 dollars of parts that I'm not going to use on HASWELL(A8-3870k, 4GB ddr3, $50 motherboard). Im not going to be doing hardcore gaming yet, just doing stuff for school. HASWELL IS A NEW SOCKET and USES DDR4 MEMORY. I assume that Haswell will perform better that IVY BRIDGE. I just want the better bang for my money. SO, SHOULD I BUY IVY BRIDGE AND SKIP HASWELL AND SAVE $200 on not building a temporary PC, or wait and GET HASWELL AND MAYBE WASTE $200 on a temporary PC? I say maybe because I can use the AMD system for other stuff... (AND I know I can buy now and sell the parts later but people might not buy the old parts (EBAY SUCKS because they limit how many you can sell). THANKS FOR THE HELP!
If I remember correctly only the server CPU versions of Haswell will use DDR4. I don't believe DDR4 is expected to be used by Intel consumer level (you & me) CPUs until they release Skylake in 2015. Haswell will use DDR3 RAM.

The performance improvement of Haswell over Ivy Bridge is unknown. Some think 10% (reasonable), others are guessing 25% (I want what they are smoking). For me to "waste" $200 on an interim PC the performance will have to be at least 20% better... at least.

Most games are limited by the graphic card rather than the CPU unless the CPU is so slow that it bottlenecks the graphics card. I assume you have a real old or weak PC right now so I recommend that you simply go ahead and build your PC around Ivy Bridge.

Personally, I am waiting for Haswell or perhaps Broadwell in 2014. My Q9450 still provides me with adequate performance despite being over 4 years old.



there is absolutely no reason to wait eight months. there is even less of a reason to buy an interim rig.

get the best your budget can afford and it will be fine for quite sometime. it eight months; if it was two months then maybe. but there still can be a substantial delay before haswell is released.