Apr 17, 2010
Hi Guys

I'm hoping to upgrade my I7 920 CPU within the next few months and thinking of possible CPU candidates.

I was thinking of upgrading the the I7 2700K CPU over clocked to 4.7Mz but I've heard alot of Ivy Bridge which is due to be released in April.

What is Ivy Bridge and how is it going to be better than the existing I7 2700k CPU? From what I have read it uses the same 1155 motherboard.

Our 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors (Ivy Bridge) are a die shrink for 2nd generation Intel Core processors (Sandy Bridge). There are two things that set the 3rd generation Intel Core processors apart and they are the Tri-gate technology that is being used to help us reach 22nm manufacturing process and the new improved IGP (Integrated Graphics on Processor) that offers much better performance. Where is some supported features like PCI-E 3.0 that will be supported on the processor for the first time. Also there has been a big drop in TDP (thermal design power) for these processors.

Christian Wood
Intel Enthusiast Team
Overall, Ivy Bridge is only going to offer a small performance increase over Sandy Bridge CPUs. You can click the following link for an Anandtech preview. Just in case you are not aware, the i7-3960k, i7-3930k and i7-3820 are then enthusiast level Sandy Bridge-E series CPUs.

The single biggest improvement in term of performance for Ivy Bridge is related to their Intel HD 4000 graphics core. Based on the games tested, the HD 4000 has an average of about a 36% improvement over the HD 3000's performance. However, most people who would buy an i7-3770k would likely install a graphics card anyway so...

Personally, I'm waiting for Haswell which will be coming out in 2013.


Nov 27, 2008



What are your CPU-intensive uses?