Ivybridge HD4000 questions, CPU temp/oc'ing?


Apr 11, 2012
I just ordered the last pieces of my new build EXCEPT my gpu. I am going to have to use the integrated graphics on the 3570k for a month or so, and have a few questions.

1. Will using integrated graphics increase the temp of the CPU more than if using a dedicated card?

2. Will overclocking the CPU increase the quality of the integrated graphics?
1) if you make the IGP use power by using it, yes, it will add to power dissipation and core temperature
2) on K-chips, RAM, IGP and core are on separate multipliers, overclocking one does not overclock the others
1--yes i think it will raise the temp a bit

2--no--but if its the same as sandy bridge then you can overclock the integrated gpu seperately from the cpu

can do it on my 2600k--though never bothered as i have a dedicated card--but the options there in software and the bios to do