Question Jabra elite active 65t or elite sport?

Jabra elite active 65t or elite sport?

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Mar 9, 2018
Hello there

i'm on the fence if i should go for the sport or the active.

i am going to use them for riding my bike to and from work in all kind of weather about 4-5 km each way.
on work while in front of my computer and in everyday situations doing work in or around the house.
at the moment the only active in my life is some training in my living room and then riding the bike.

i did try them in a store and both was really comfortable to wear, shook my head around a bit to see if any would get loose, both felt pretty good.
Dunno if i should take the better sound because, well better sound or the wings for a even more secure fit.

what are your experiences with either or both of them? dont care if its only riding the bus, work, running or some extreme sport, any experience and input is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.