Java error couldnt not create java virtual machine error code 1603


Jun 21, 2015
SO My java is really [CENSORED] up and i need help so this morning i tryed launching minecraft i get error code java virtual machine could not be starte then i think maybe i have to update it so i searched for java and tryed opening it and same error so then i google it and found a tutroial saying to add more ram to it in eviormental variballes and i did that no result so then i tryed restarting same error so i just uninstalled java on my pc from control pannel and i tryed reinstalling it and i got the same errror but this time in the launcher it gave me also error code 1603 but the videos i saw talking about it didnt have the java virtual machine popup so i try to use offline installer 64 bit for my pc same error CAN somebody please help me my job is java as i develop clients and this is really frustrating did i uninstal java correctly as i went to control pannel uninstall programs thats all anyways thank you for reading this i am actually really sad right now and would love if somebody could help me becuase i is big nub <3