Java won't install or run...


Apr 22, 2013
So, I recently reinstalled Windows 8.1 and I've been having nothing but trouble ever since. I don't want to "upgrade" back to Windows 7, I like Windows 8 the way it is, but I might turn back as a last resort. I'm trying to install Java so I can play Minecraft. When I start the game from the exe, it gives me this error: "This application requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.60"

So, naturally, I go to download Java. I run the installer, it "finishes successfully", I re-open Minecraft and I get the same message. I look in the Java folders at Program Files x86 and Program Files, there's nothing in there but a "" and "patchjre.exe". I've installed both x86 and x64 bit versions, and uninstalled and repeated multiple times. I'm running the installers as Admin, I've turned off Anitivirus and Firewalls, I'm using a 64bit OS, Windows 8.1. Even after installing Java for the 20th time today, there is no Java Control Panel within Windows, there are no Java files to speak of in the Windows folder ( system32 and otherwise).

It's like it's "installed" but there's nothing anywhere. I had a similar issue before when I was trying to install a Sony Vegas Pro trial. The installer threw some files in a temp folder, they disappeared at the end of the installation and no files were written anywhere, but it said it "completed successfully." Any ideas? I could have installed Ubuntu and had Minecraft running by now...


Oct 26, 2014
we can directly download the .ZIP files ( .tar.gz files ) and extract them using 7zip and this doesn't require any installation
but for this we need to Login to oracle site after free registration

following settings worked perfectly for me

the first picture shows how to enable Java Plugin Launching for browsers ( when Java does not work with any browser and also unable to verify java on site )

the second picture shows how to enable Java Control Panel ( or Configure Java )

the third picture shows the folder path where these two java applications are located in the computer

just right-click on the JP2LAUNCHER click Properties click Compatibility tick Compatibility Mode set WindowsNT
repeat the same thing for the other one ( JAVAW )

Yeah, Java isn't a 'program' under your Programs and Files, it is a core element programming tool just as much as the DLLs, INFs, etc. that Windows uses to 'run' things on the computer.

I think the mistake maybe your running the wrong JAVA installs completely. Go through Progams and remove all JAVA installs you have. Open Internet Explorer (NOT any other browser) and go to Click the FREE JAVA DOWNLOAD red button and install. IF You installed it correctly, it will OPEN a website to CHECK Java is working. Then simply go to and click the Minecraft.exe and boom, does a bunch of loading up in a white window and there you are in Minecraft.