Jayfunks overclock is losing sound?


Apr 22, 2009
hey guys great site you got here!
sure hope someone has some ideas to help me.
basically my asus xonar sound card is losing sound and becoming super quiet. this happens when i overclock to my 4.2 ht settings and the only way to get sound back is to clear cmos. loading optimized defaults does not work. so obviously something is getting changed and the sound card is not happy.
what else can i say.. here are my settings and id sure appreciate some help here. thanks again in advance.

gigabyte ex58 ud5
i7 965
asus xonar d2x sound
corsair 3 gig 1600 ram
1000 psu silverstone
gtx 280 sli

25x168 = 4.2
ht on turbo off
qpi = x36 = 6.04
mem = x10 = 1680
vcore = 1.64875
qpivtt = 1.455
ioh core = 1.18
dram = 1.64
term = 0.76
cpu pll = 1.8 manual default
pcie = 1.5 manual default
qpipll = 1.1 manual default
ich i/o = 1.5 manual default
ioh core = 1.1 manual default

cpu enhanced halt state off
c3/c6/c7 state support off
cpu thermal monitor off
cpu eist function off
virtualization ON
bi-directional prOchot off

cpu clock drive 700 mV unchanged
pci express clock drive 700 mV unchanged
cpu and ioh skew 0ps unchanged

azalia codec disabled to turn off onboard sound

well thats it. all i can think of is that there is a voltage somewhere that i missed that needs to increased to go along with the overclock. maybe pcie voltage?? maybe pcie express frequency? maybe pci express clock drive?
i dunno. please help any ideas greatly appreciated...


Apr 22, 2009
hey thanks for your reply. ..
actually your answer of getting the new f9beta bios seems to have works at least for now.
however setting the freq to 100 the computer will not post anything only black screen.
maybe the pcie voltage needs to be upped to help out the frequency?? is this right? or should i just leave it on auto?
thanks again bud...