Jet Fighter Like H.A.W.X


Aug 16, 2010
hello guys i m done with H.A.W.X if you guys knows more games like H.A.W.X best thing i like in hawx is it control so simple not so many button to control..even i m Converted from PlayStation to PC so off course i feel comfortable with controller so tell me names of games fit with controller.sorry for poor English...
If you have a PS2, or have a very powerful system and feel adventurous with PS2 emulation there are the Ace Combat games on that system, they are similar in feel to HAWX.

Aside from the HAWX games, and Ace Combat franchise, which is console only unfortunately, there aren't too many games like that out right now.

If you want to move to a World War II setting, Wings of Prey is a decent game which will work with a controller, provided you don't turn up the realism options, the game can scale up to a hyper realistic flight sim that has too many functions to map to a controller.