Hi Everyone.
I was wondering if this class action suit covers newer model HP laptops?
Heres my story

I am a computer tech *still In school* and i am also studying aviation to become a pilot.
I bought a Compaq presario laptop as i needed a nice laptop for my studies. I went with HP because of their "Good reputation"

Well 4 Months into the ownership of the Presario, the motherboard dies. Send it in to HP's service center and it takes them almost 2 months JUST to replace the motherboard. Month after that the same thing Occured. this cycle occured until eventually the laptop racked up 6 repairs....

On its last month in warranty the Presario Overheated and burned the laps of my girlfriend & I. I talk to an Hp Case manager and after 5 hrs on the phone and a threat by me to file a lawsuit againsed HP & the case manager, They agree to replace the Laptop

O but it gets even better :)

The replacement laptop was a HP Pavillion DV4t-1400 CTO. It workd great for the first six months until it started having problems with the hard drive AND motherboard. Keep in mind that i still have this DV4.

Same cycle as the presario but shrunken to a 5 month time period.

I talk to ANOTHER case manager that after weeks of trying to get ahold of agrees to replace the computer.
She offered me a red DV5 BUT it came at a price and thats where i am mad.
I paid over $2000 for the origional Compaq's Config, they gave me an identical config on the DV4 BUT now With the DV5, They cut A LOT of the features and value i had. The new dv5 is only worth $600 with the BASE config... This is just getting out of hand