JMicron Returns: The JMF667H Controller On Four Reference SSDs

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Jul 24, 2013
guys. please take a look at this

that's an actual SSD using this controller, and the price is........ a little more than surprising...


Oct 9, 2013
"But we're not going to use theoretical corner cases (the sequential and random 4 KB benchmarks we just ran) to crown one configuration a winner and another a loser."

A corner case is not sequential and random benchmarks. It is an engineering term that means, according to Wiki:

A corner case (or pathological case) is a problem or situation that occurs only outside of normal operating parameters—specifically one that manifests itself when multiple environmental variables or conditions are simultaneously at extreme levels, even though each parameter is within the specified range for that parameter.
I, too, find it hard to want to purchase a drive from a manufacturer with such a lackluster history.

One part of this article that also doesn't make sense: "Why four channels and not eight? Efficiency is one key motivator. Fewer channels facilitate a smaller ASIC, which can, in turn, be more power-friendly." Compare the size of the PCB to one like the Samsung 850 Pro. They aren't saving much in real estate (they are actually bigger than the Samsung boards), so it makes it hard to believe they're saving much in power here.
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