Job Simulator Gets Twitch Chat In-Game, A VR First

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Don't be so sure even those jobs will be around. The food service industry is looking into more food automation processes. There are even some full service sit down chain restaurants experimenting with table scheduling/reserving and order taking via phone or tablet you don't even need a dedicated server or hostess.

The idea is you check the menu and daily specials from home or the car, ask any questions or special requests from a customer service rep in live chat, then place your order and show up at your scheduled and assigned time and table.



Actually Red Robin already have kiosks(tablets) built into their tables. You can order food and pay by seat all on the table. The someone just has to bring out the food.

But the most restaurant innovation is coming out of Japan, they have some pretty cool automated systems which can deliver food to the table, or bring up a selection of sushi for you to choose from, then charge you accordingly.

But yea, you're right. Alot of servers are going to lose their jobs at $15 an hour. Paying them $3 plus tips take most of the burden and risk off the restaurant owner. Resturants have very low margins. Unless you're a busy chain, they really don't make the kind of money people think they do.


Mar 6, 2011
Not to knock Owlchemy Labs, But Toms is incorrect in saying they are the first with in-VR twitch chat. Their implementation is definitely cool, as well as their in-VR spectator mode cameras. However, the pioneers of both of those concepts belongs to the Northways with Fantastic Contraption. Northway Games has been on Twitch for a while now innovating in the area of Mixed-Reality streaming, and they were really the ones who turned Valve onto the notion for their Mixed-Reality SteamVR launch videos shot in the GreenScreen Studio.

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