Joining A left and right BEKANT Desk together (gaming desk)


Jun 21, 2016
Hey fellow toms. I am looking to join two Ikea Bekant left and right table top desks together combined with a Ikea underframe for the Bekant corner desk. I would like to know if anyone else has done this? Also I want to put my setup in the middle of the two bekants but I see there will be a small gap at the front of the desk because of the two curves. I am wondering would it be possible to cut the wood back a few inches to before the corners come in so the desks would fit perfectly with eachother? My mother is worried this will be a problem as she seems to think the desk has some plastic laminate over it that will mess with cutting it... She seems to have every excuse for me not to get this desk and recommends me to build a desk attached to the wall with no legs. My response has been that if it is not perfect and I mean perfect I will have to take it down and put it up again but with the bekant I can ajust the height to my perfect need whenever I want even though its a tiny bit of a inconvenience. What do you fellow toms think of this?
Left corner desk:
Right coner desk:
Table legs:
Let me know how you guys feel about this as it is greatly appreciated. If I get this desk like this I will buy it and post picture of how my project turned out for other future Ikea builders.


Mar 14, 2017
What i have seen from the pictures, i think it is one thing at a time that can be fixed to the stand. Either the glass part or the wooden part.


Feb 2, 2012
Should be easy to do, the ends are eased for aesthetics. Best thing to do would be to trim just the width of a saw blade off the edge to remove the eased edge on each side, then get some wood glue and butt the 2 pieces up against each other. From there you can also get something like a 1 x 3 piece of pine or whatever cheap wood you can find and 4 1 inch wood screws. If you put the board underneath where the two pieces meet and screw from top to bottom you can probably get the screw heads to counter sink in and be flush with the top and hold the board tight to add some stability between the two desk tops.

If you want to take it apart later you can always not use the glue so that you can just unscrew it and move on.