Joystick Problem - Searching for a Software Solution - HELP!


Dec 13, 2004
OK, here's the deal, i got a game, X3 - The Reunion, for Xmass. It's a space fighter sim. Anyways, i have a Microsoft Force Feedback 2 joystick. The joystick is in perfect order, and works fine for all other games.

However, as with X2 (the previous X game) this new X3 game somehow disables the joystick's "return to center" (spring back tension) function. This makes the joystick loosey goosey and wobbly to the point that it's virtually useless. you pull it back (or any direction) and let it go and it just stays there, there's no tension.

Anyways, here's what i'm after. A while back, when i played X2, i came across a software program (i can't remember the name, who made it, or where i got it, or what such a program would be reffered to as) that you could install and load prior to launching a game. The program would run in the background and control the joystick's functions rather than the game. That would allow the joystick to retain it's tension and all it's functions during the game.

So like i said, does anyone know of such a program? Or where i could find it? Or what such a program would even be called so i could google it? Please i'm desprate here, PLEASE HELP!