Question JPEG files take up 14.8 gb and cannot be opened

Aug 15, 2019
Hi guys

I made the mistake to cut / paste picture files from my Galaxy 8 to my laptop.
Now none of them will open up in Windows 10 and they are all shown to take up 14.8 gb space. When I select all of them they are shown to take up 40 tb space on my 256 gb harddrive?

What is going on? And is there any way to recover my pictures?

Also there are two blue arrows pointing toward each other on all files, which I read somewhere indicates that Windows has tried to make the files smaller because of lack of harddrive space.
Every time I make more room on the harddrive, the folder with the pictures get bigger and "eats up" the free space.

I tried a different viewer.
I tried the error checking disk tool in drive properties.
And I've tried to copy a single file to a 1 tb external portable harddrive, but Windows didn't allow it. It said the file was to big (it shouldn't be).

shadi shtaklef

Jul 26, 2015
I made the mistake to cut / paste picture files from my Galaxy 8 to my laptop.
what do u mean by mistake? i have a galaxy tab pro and i download pictures on it and when i want to transfer the pictures to my computer i just connect the tablet to the computer and i cut from tablet and paste in computer

are all the pictures still on your phone? if yes then trying moving them again to the pc. also u said you cant open a picture and u are getting an error. plz make screenshot of that error
14.8gb sounds pretty much as the size of 16GB SD card.
Open command prompt, navigate to the folder where this file is stored, and execute "more <filename>". If real image file, "Exif" must be somewhere at the beginning. Press <Ctrl>-C to exit.
D:\Pictures\Camera Roll>more image1.JPG
 ╪ ß↨eExifII*