News JPR: Discrete GPU Sales Bumped as iGPUs See Decline


Sep 8, 2020
Personally one of the additional reasons I always buy an Intel "k" chip is for the integrated graphics which I use to initially set up the new systems and while I download and update windows.
Not to mention it also gives an onboard tool to use to narrow down or diagnose possible problems with a graphics card down the road if needed and the additional cost at purchase is so minimal.

I really do not want to buy a CPU that does not include onboard graphic capability.
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According to a new report by Jon Peddie Research, Q4 2021 sales of CPUs with integrated graphics were down 15% year-over-year. By contrast, sales of discrete graphics boards for desktops increased during the fourth quarter.
Well of course discrete graphics card sales were likely to be up over Q4 2020, since crypto miners were not yet buying as many of them at that time. And while prior-generation graphics cards were readily available, a number of end-users and system builders may have been holding off on purchasing them in expectation of the new cards from Nvidia and AMD becoming readily available, as they were supposedly going to offer substantially better value, even though that never actually happened, and the value situation instead got substantially worse in 2021.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a reversal this quarter though. Q1 2021 saw graphics cards flying off the shelves as miners and resellers scooped up all available supply, but in Q1 2022, the mining market appears to be in something of a downturn, and third-party resellers don't want to get stuck with stock they might lose money on. And with retailers still asking high prices for cards, many of those who held out for prices to drop probably won't be upgrading yet either.