Jsut got new mobo working can I just upgrade to XP or Win 7?


Aug 4, 2010
Ijust got My new mobo working. Can I just Uograde to XP or Win 7 from Win 98 or should I get AA full version? It's a 1.8 ghz with sempron 3000 Just 512 RAM but I would increase that if necessary. I'm not a gamer but My kids are starting to watch cartoons and things on it. cost is deffinately a priority.
Don't bother with upgrades... do a clean install whenever possible. I'd stick with XP on that hardware... I really don't think it's worth putting 7 on it. Go with at least 1GB of RAM... or get 2GB if it's cheap enough... but it wouldn't be worth putting more than 2GB in.