Jumper setting for ide hdd with cdrom and sata


Jun 6, 2012

My PC is running XP SP3(OS) in SATA HDD, on 945GCM-S2L gigabyte board, i recently add 200gb ide hdd, and my cdrom is not recognised (i.e. power on, play disc, not working), i couldn't find any solution for jumper setting. So, i removing jumper from cdrom drive and maintained the ide hdd jumper. For 2 days it worked fine, i moved data from sata to ide. Later, system startup slow (dead slow), playing small mp3 file in foobar2000, opening browser any operation will consume more time and cpu usage will be around 50%, and more. Task Manager's processes tab shows the these application or processes taking nominal % (i.e. 2-5%). But, Task Manager's performance tab show cpu usage more, only single application is running it taking 2-5%. Even though I didn't access ide hdd.

Note: Here I mentioned because foobar2000 which less footage. It taking more time and cpu in operations like word processor, copy and paste in sata hdd.
The CD drive is IDE as well?

For the IDE drives, Cable Select is the appropriate jumper setting on 865 and newer architectures (965GCM included). If the board handles this in an old-school way, you should set the jumpers for the HDD as Master and the CD as Slave (given they are both IDE drives?).


ubercake is right. We are assuming, of course, that you are plugging BOTH IDE devices into the two connectors on ONE ribbon cable and IDE port. NOTE that, when you set BOTH units to "CS", you REALLY should plug the ribbon cable's Black connector on the END into the hard drive, to make it the Master device. (Then the Grey middle connector goes to the optical drive.) I might suggest that, if you set BOTH units to "CS" and it still does not work well, use the separate Master (HDD) and Slave (optical) jumper settings.

Three other things to note:
1. When setting jumpers, use only the diagrams on each unit to guide you. Do NOT use the diagram on the HDD to tell you how to set the optical drive's jumper.
2. Check the HDD's diagram carefully; some HDD's have different jumper settings for "Master with no Slave", and "Master with Slave present".
3. Once jumpers are set, plug the Black connector at the END of the ribbon cable into the Master device (HDD, ideally). Plug the middle Grey connector into the Slave device.


Jun 20, 2011
Your hard drive and CD Rom should have a jumper setting listed on the drive it self.

You also have to deal with drives only wanting a certain spots on the cable and some will not work with each other.

The other thing that might affect your drive is the the connecter placement.

You will have to experiment.