Just a little more speed?


Apr 7, 2009
Hi folks;

I have a quick question on overclocking my machine.. Below are the specs of my system:

MBO: BFG Nvidia 680I SLI
CPU: Intel Q6600 Quad 2.4MHz
Video Cards: 2 8800 GTX 640 Mb each
Ram: TWIN2X4096-8500C5D G 4 Gigs total
Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate

Below is an image of my CPU-Z Readings:



I read the Instructions on how to overclock the Q6600 Quad and for some reason it went right over my head?

I read Sat images in live fedd and need to put this system which has all the fan cooling : I'm a freak on cooling! So there is plenty of it.

Can someone please help me with instructions on this Nvidia board to overclock is just enough to see a good boot into Windows Vista Ultimate.

I alos have the latest Nvidia Drivers and the Nforce Drivers along with the Nvidia System tools .

I have seen through the article on over clocking where folks are getting 3.0 MHz on the FSB and CPU. I do understand that you have to play with the FSB setting to get the CPU to go up, but when I try it, I can't seem to get anywhere I need to be even if it's just 2.8 Mhz.

If anyone could help, I would give them my first child! " Just kidding!!!" I don't think my son at the age of 34 would appreciate being sold out for me Overclocking, although sometimes I would consider it......Pun.

Back to reality though, I do need some help! I purchased all os these expensive toys t get the best. All of the Manufactures say on their sites that all of this equiptment is the best for gamer overclocking.

Again I would greatly appreciate help with where to go in the Bios to get this maching rocking with out burning it up.

I really love this maching compared to a lot of others.

I also have a brand new in the package P35 Abit MBO I would be glad to sell and ship to someone with help with this and a decent offer. I apologize if it is wrong in this forum t offer a MBO for sell, but I bought it and ten turned right around the next week and purchased all Nvidia equiptment thinking it would ROCK at it's general settings but this system is slower than I expected.

Thanks folks!

Automan :)


Apr 7, 2009

Hi badge;

I haven't had too many problems using all Nvidia components all the way down to the GPU's. And at the expense I paid for all of this it is really amazing to me that you can't ring a little more power our ot this unit. This system has been very reliable and I see all kinds of folks overclocking and with no complaints. Hmmmm.

There has to be a way to overclock just a little and get a good stable system. A lot of my performance problems has been with having to go to a 1000w power supply. I don't know if that has anything what so ever with the stability of this 680ISLI but I made a small change using the 6.03 tool set from Nvidia and the system started Vista and booted a lot faster, trouble is, is that I can't remember what I changed.

Thanks a million for the reply. I appreciate the info greatly.

Automan :ouch:



Jan 7, 2009

LOOK UP ^, LINK, Nvidia OC guide in PDF......................look, download, learn