Just built a new computer. Using SSD and HDD. Had some questions.


Jan 3, 2012
Heya everyone.

I finally finished building a new rig. The specs will follow, but this topic question is about my storage.

I'm running a Crucial 64gb SSD, and a Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black.

The SSD has been made the boot drive, and contains the OS and other files.

I want to use the HDD for most of my storage.

At about half capacity, I don't have much more room on the SSD. I asked a friend about things that absolutely -had- to be on the SSD while it's holding the OS, and she told me the drivers have to be in the same drive as the OS. I trust her on a call like that, but now I'm wondering if there's anything else that -has- to be saved to the SSD. I've got about 25gigs left, I was thinking maybe I could put one of my big games in there, like WoW (lolbig), Skyrim, or maybe Mass Effect 3. (Or better, all three!).

I'd like my HDD to contain all of my libraries and such. User files, Program Files files, et cetera. Things like that. That'd mean the SSD would handle -only- the OS (and the things that it -has- to have in the drive with it-, and whatever else I can fit in there. Right now the drive is just an 'empty drive'. Should I just copy the folders from the SSD to the HDD?