Dec 22, 2019
So yeah, just built my pc (got all the parts completely new) and it just doesn't seem to post. When I turn it on, everything seems to work fine, all the fans turn on (cpu cooler, case fans, psu fans, and gpu fans) and stay on (never pauses). as far as modifications go, the only thing i did was replace the pre-applied thermal paste (on cpu) with some Noctua NT-H2 (which I also bought new). I've tried the entire tom's hardware no post checklist and still nothing. I also tried both vga and hdmi on two different monitors but nothing came up. I've honestly lost hope cause I've been trying to fix it for days now. Please, if anyone could help me at all it would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys

My build list:
(using the m.2 as my main drive and it's the only one i've installed so far)


Jun 29, 2019
Oh shoot, nevrmind, i just found out that your video output needs to come out of your gpu ports not the io ports. it's working just fine. lolololol I'm such an idiot

Yes :) When you put an external dedicated graphics card, the integrated graphics (either from motherboard or the CPU) is turned off so you need to plug it on your GPU, not from the board's IO or it won't POST.

Good lesson for new builders :)