Question Just built my first real PC and it’s not starting :/ Any advice?


Nov 26, 2015
So I built my computer following every build guide I could find to a T, however once I finished, alas, it wouldn’t start, no fan spin or rgb whatsoever.

I have been looking all over the internet for an answer and sadly I think I’ve exhausted all of the simple solutions.
My psu power switch is on
Front panel headers plugged in correctly
All psu cables plugged in correctly(8-pin cpu, 24 pin atx, etc.)
Checking my wall socket for problems
Replugging in psu cables
Moving around ram sticks
Shorting psu pins
All to no avail.

I used the paper clip method and confirmed that my psu is working, all parts are new so I really don’t know what it could be.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated, thank you for reading!

Specs: ryzen 7 3700x, trident z 16gb, msi mpg gaming b550 WiFi, Corsair cx750m, msi rtx 2070 super gaming x
Try building outside the case... see if that does something.
Recheck all cable connections(even if you've done it already) and remove unnecessary components to POST like storage drives... you can try 1 stick of RAM as well (make sure it's in the A2 slot).

Check these too:

If you're still not getting anything after all that... motherboard or PSU are certainly the main candidates for being the issue. Even if you've tested the PSU and it worked, that was under no load... the paperclip test is great for checking if the PSU is not entirely dead, but it might still crap itself under any load.