Just Curious...Can someone answer?


Jan 4, 2006
I remember two years ago when I had a Pentium 4 running at 3.6Ghz and ram running at 400ish.
Technology appears to evolve every month and some of us right now have VRAM running faster than CPUs and maybe in a few months even the normal RAM.

Modern CPUs can process more work in less cycles, contrary to memory that keeps going up and up.
So, is there any new technology in sight to revert this Mhz freaks(if even possible) and keeping bandwidth high with lower freqs.? Or the only way to bandwidth is pure Mhz?

This question may be stupid, but, whatever... :?


Dec 14, 2005
not too keen on memory technologies myself, but... there are dual channel and quad channel memory motherboards available (not too sure about quad channel yet though... but other than for benefitting benchmarks, im not too sure how much having dual channel (and greater), actually benefits people in real world situations... the other well known option is to cut down latencies to boost performance... ...other than having newer ddr technologies (ddr3, and then ddr4), im not too sure... perhaps something like zram?, or AMDs IMC, or HTT, or some other advantage that would lessen the distance and latencies to boost performance(?)...

got a little sidetracked i guess... but, other than effectively doubling data rates... from sdr, to ddr, and so on and so forth... im not really sure... maybe increasing the amount of bits that can be transferred per clock cycle... sdr transfers 64bits per clock cycle... ddr 128 bits... (i believe anyhow)... so maybe a higher bitrate memory controller, and memory solution... 256bit memory, etc... so, that may be another way to increase memory performance, like weve seen with gpus...

anyways, yeah... not too sure at all of specifics really... and most of that is fairly well known anyhow already... but those are ways to increase memory performance, roughly similar to how theyve been increasing cpu performance, as you mentioned...