Just finished my system build but nothing shows up on monitor?!?!?


Jan 12, 2009
I just finished building my computer and all the parts seem to work fine and everything turns on including all fans but nothing and i mean NOTHING is showing up on monitor. It doesn't even flicker or anything when the computer is turned on and it's as if the monitor isn't even hooked to a computer. I even borrowed a friends graphics card to see if mine was bad but it still doesn't display anything. I had the computer hooked to my LCD HDTV in the HDMI port but then switched it to VGA and then on top of that hooked it to a regular computer monitor and STILL nothing appears. Me and my dad are completely baffled and have no idea where to go from here so i told him i would ask here and see if anyone replied. If anything pops is your head at all pleasssse do not hesitate to say it and all comments/opinions are welcome.
Need specifications - including power supply - of system.

You do not say if the system is doing the powerup self test (POST). Is the system speaker installed? If not, you need to install one. It will be the best troubleshooting aid you can get.

If it is, what kind of beeps are you hearing? If you are hearing silence, that's bad because the core system is basically not turning on.

Look down towards the end of this link for troubleshooting ideas:
Yes, you need to hook up a case speaker. That way you can hear the beep codes.
If there is nothing but silence from a case speaker.....that is not good.....and most usually means you either installed the processor wrong, or the motherboard is bad, or the motherboard does not have a BIOS new enough to support the processor you have.
This is happening a lot with the Phenom II's right now, as a lot of boards are out there than can support them, but not without a BIOS update, and many of them will not even POST with the new CPU, until the BIOS has been updated. Requiring you to first install an older CPU to do the update. I just had this happen to me last weekend with a Gigabyte board. Nothing but fans. Once the BIOS was updated, no problems.

Or a bad or marginal PSU, or ... or ...

Updating the BIOS is more of an AMD than an Intel problem, especially with late model Intel motherboards. That's only one of the reasons the we like to see full system specifications in situations like this.