Question Just had one of my storage HDD fail using Raid 1, How to replace bad HDD

Jan 9, 2020
Hi Folks,
I have 2 x WD 3TB black as my storage, using RAID 1 (software: intel rapid storage technology enterprise) and one of them has failed, my RAID array is now degraded.
win 7 OS is on a SSD that is not on a RAID
Luckily been able to source a new identical drive and am awaiting delivery (these are no longer in production)
SO hopefully next week I will have a new unused drive ready to go into the PC.
Q. What do i need to do so that the new drive get all the info from the other drive, do i need to do anything at Boot up/bios?
thanks a mill


Simply try following these steps from intel if you've set the raid using IRS.

Follow these steps to rebuild a RAID volume after replacing a failed hard drive from a redundant RAID volume (RAID 1, 5, 10):

  1. Turn on the system.
  2. Click Start.
  3. Click All Programs.
  4. Click Intel.
  5. Click Intel® Rapid Storage Technology.
  6. Click Rebuild to another disk.
  7. Select the replacement hard drive and click Rebuild.
Additional instructions for performing a rebuild from the Option ROM are available in the User Guides.
Jan 9, 2020
thanks for that. I have just received replacement new HD .
so basically I don't have to format or do anything else in BIOS prior to going straight into windows and doing the steps above??
is there a likelihood that the Rebuild goes inversely wrong i.e. the HD with files on it will be wiped to mirrored the new empty one. ????
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