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Mar 10, 2019
IT experts are often described as “computer wizards”, but that’s not particularly accurate. IT experts are clearly priests.

  • Considered the resident authority on systems you have no first-hand experience with, owing to the fact that you’re the only person who understands the documentation (interpretation of sacred texts).
  • Responsible for communication with vendors and service providers, because you know how to phrase requests to get the desired results (intercession with higher powers).
  • Performance of rote procedures that anyone could carry out, but which are believed to have special power when it’s you specifically performing them (observance of rituals).
  • Credited with the proper functioning of critical devices even though all you did was poke it a couple of times and shrug, your touch or presence being treated as apotropaic (purification and exorcism).
  • Devising technical explanations for human error, so your high-profile clients don’t sue your dumb asses (absolution of sins).
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But you're forgetting Clarke's first law:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic
This clearly places the IT person within the realm of Wizardry. Of course, a point could be made that the blood sacrifices that accompanied most hardware upgrades in decades past would fall within the realm of Witchcraft.

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Love this.
There is nobody more demon possessed than the person that came up with the USB3 internal header design.
Those cables require the force of an entire army to remove. I have ended up bending pins on these before.

Math Geek

not sure what to call it but my fav is being asked to "check out my pc" by someone who has no problem at all with it and it works perfectly. the simple act of looking it over and saying "looks good to me" somehow makes this person de-stress by 99% and go about their day as if all the world is now right.

sanctifying perhaps?? or consecrating???

this is gonna be made pretty and posted as many places as i can post it BTW.....