Just installed Asus P5QC, Can't get audio output


May 16, 2009
Just put together Asus P5QC motherboard, Intel E8500 Quad, Ati Radeon 4850 Graphics. I installed all drivers that came with Asus mainboard, including Realtek Audio drivers which also installed mixer software on the Windows XP Pro Desktop. The HD Graphics card supposedly has HD audio capability through the DVI to HDMI interface. I have hooked up my HDMI to my Sony TV, could get graphics, but no sound; I tried the various surround sound mini plug ports out of the motherboard to my stereo with no luck either (I understand these are for different channels but I would think I would be able to just send a stereo out out of one of them. My other option which I know very little about is the SPDIF out, haven't tried that yet - do I have to get a special cable for this, or will a regular component cable work? I have checked volume control and both audio drivers are on and up and enabled. I have looked into the software for realtek and everything seems fine there to. Please Help. This is the only problem I have but its a biggie for what I'm using this system for. Thanks


Jun 17, 2007
did you upgrade your hardware without doing a fresh install of your operating system? cuz i did that a few weeks ago and i couldnt get sound until i did a fresh install of windows xp.


Mar 9, 2009
First off, do a fresh install, or repair your Windows (it'll reset all the drivers linked to your system you had before).
After have you installed the driver for HDMI sound? You need to set this up in Catalyst and in your Windows Sound output (in control panel).
Have you tried using simple headphones? SPDIF out is not an option for you unless you have a SPDIF in. Also, if you can have your sound over HDMI, why not use one cable?