Just Learning ... Need Layman's Help with Building a Poker Comp


Jul 10, 2009
Hi, All!

I am wanting to build a computer specifically made to:

~ run 4-5 poker sites
~ handle up to 20 tables
~ run two poker trackers
~ stream music
~ run a couple of web browsers
~ support 4 monitors

I don't know anything about what is needed to accomplish this, and I am just starting to research how it all needs to be assembled. I would like any help that is available regarding the necessary pieces, and assembly. Even any suggestions as to where to research would be a great help! Thanks very much!


Sep 22, 2008
start googling once you have a pretty good idea what you want and how you want to do come back with questions.

It's to broad a question unless you just expect someone to pick out a system for you. If that is the case post a budget and hope someone is bored.
^+1 for google

You may also get some interesting results with cuil, but it's a hit or miss. Anyway if you want to use it as a web server, to run your poker sites, then I recommend getting one server, and then have one desktop. You don't want your web server to crash because you wanted to stream some interesting new band only to find out their file had a nasty virus :D.