Question Just purchased a new rig and paired a ryzen 5 3600x with rtx 3070

No idea.

What is your monitor's refresh rate? Does it have FreeSync, GSync, or neither?

What specific games are you playing?

There is NO SUCH THING as an ideal match between GPU and CPU. Which game you're playing, display settings, etc are all more pertinent.

Anyone who tells you to be overly concerned about "bottlenecking" needs to be added to your list of "People to NEVER ask for PC advice."
Nov 24, 2020
Thx for the info king

its a
Acer Nitro VG2 Gaming Monitor | Nitro VG272UV

at 170hz So your saying the 5 3600x will do ok for 1440 on games like battlefeild 5 and newer games like cyberpunk..almost forgot the monitor is G-sync


Dec 16, 2015
Building on what others have said'll likely have to set each game and tweak some settings. One game with your combination won't run perfectly the same as another game with your combination.

Just for the simplest answer here, I'd say you're not going to be disappointed. The 3600X is a great CPU and runs games quite well. That said...very likely nothing is going to give you godlike performance. I'm going to guess, though, that you'll be quite satisfied with what you have and what your eye candy will treat you to.

Happy gaming!
1440p, highest settings, and, presumably, you want 170fps?

An RTX 3090 combined with the fastest CPU available won't even get you that.
This. Even my 3080 cannot achieve 140fps at max settings 1440p in gpu heavy games. In gpu heavy games the gpu will be the limiting factor before the cpu. In lighter games the cpu may be limiting before the gpu but it doesn’t matter, you will still get very good FPS.

FYI the resolution has minimal impact on cpu requirements. It’s the target FPS that really determines the cpu workload for each game. This is why 4K 60fps is less cpu bound than 1080p 144fps in the same game.

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1440p and higher resolutions are GPU dependent and not CPU dependent. you got plenty of cpu power for even 4k since the GPU is what will matter there.

a 3070 is good enough for 1440p no problem. the question is are you going to enjoy it gaming or will you spend all your time wondering how much money you can spend to get another 10 fps. or pretending it is not enjoyable because there is another eye candy box you don't have checked or whatever else people worry about rather than enjoying what they have.

you got a solid system with a 3600x and a 3070 and need to just sit back and enjoy the gaming since you got lucky and actually found a 3070 to buy :)

happy gaming


Jan 22, 2016
If you are worried about CyberPunk settings, Hardware Unboxed on You tube will be doing a video covering which settings to use for the best performance sometime next month. They just uploaded a guide to running Watchdogs: Legion. My guess the settings will somewhat similar.