Just switched to MSI from ASUS - Keyboard & Mouse Don't Respond


Dec 6, 2007
I bought a cheap motherboard: MSI 9VGM-V while my other motherbard (ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe) is being replaced or repaired because it wasn't turning on.

So, I put this motherboard and I know I am suppose to reinstall windows, but I didn't. When I go to the BIOS I can use the keyboard just fine. When it loads Windows (even safe mode), the keyboard and the mouse don't respond.

My question is, is there a way to make them work without reinstalling windows? I guess this is happening because the Asus Drivers are still installed and are conflicting. Windows XP loads just fine with no errors (after the 1st boot).
I tried a Microsoft Keyboard and a MS Mouse and still doesn't respond.
Please help me not to reinstall windows ^^


Jan 31, 2006
How are they connected, e.g., PS/2 or USB. Try switching to the other. The drivers for both are provided by Windows so the fact you didn't reinstall Windows is the likely source of the problem but could be. If that doesn't work, likely will have to reinstall Windows because without the mouse and/or the keyboard you can't do anything, e.g., uninstall the drivers. If you can boot the drive in another computer, you could delete all the drivers and then reinstall them, this would include the keybaard & mouse drives