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Feb 3, 2023
Hi guys
First post and it's another "Please Help Me Upgrade My PC" question that I know has been asked and answered many times and that is my problem
I have tried to figure out what to get but the multitude of information is just too much for this idiot.

I am using Premiere Studio for my editing and a Quest 2 for the down time so the PC need to accommodate both scenarios.

With my present setup I don't have any issues with the VR performance (HLA runs well) but the Video editing/rendering is less than ideal.

As I said trying to figure out a good compromise is difficult as I am trying to justify keeping as much of my set up as I can ($$$) and just changing hardware that will make a difference, but that is where I fall down.

I don't know if an upgraded CPU means a new motherboard or Power supply or is SLI still an option.
Should I go with a SLI setup and keep my existing GPU and buy a used second one and hopefully save a few pennies
Will that idea even work as SLi is obsolete these days but as gaming is secondary will it help with the video editing, and If it is an option can I still get a bridge ?
Will it work with the Hero VI

So I hope turning to people who know more than me I will not end up spending money and finding I have a bottle neck with? and should of spent money upgrading the ???

The info is from CPU-Z in the hopes someone can offer suggestions on where I need to upgrade and what I can keep.

Intel 17-4790K
Asus Maximus VI Hero
2 x 8GB Skill Dual Channel DDR3 (16GB)
GeForce GTX 1080
Coolmaster 1000w PS
1TB SSD's x3

Please let me know if I can offer any further info on my rig


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

I wouldn't invest on your current platform, IMHO. I'd salvage the storage and the chassis and then move to a new platform. You should mention the model for your PSU and it's age.
Feb 3, 2023
Thank you all for the suggestions,
A few follow ups:

and perhaps a PSU according to age of the current unit.
The PSU is a Coolmaster RS-A00-EMBA is about 5 years +/-
I thought a 1000w output would be adequate to what ever route I take is does a PSU output degrade after time ?
Is there a program to test the output?
I realize the PSU would be the least of my expense but what I don't spend here or on any other hardware changes gives me more to spend on hardware I do change.

The GPU would be fine if you wish to cut corners there as the 1080 still has plenty of VRAM.
Secondly if I keep this card any thoughts on the SLI?
I know it may of may not help in gamming but how does SLI fair when used in video rendering? as I think this may be an area where I can save money (If the SLI is an option)

Thank you again for the suggestions
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